The Straight Line for Your Warewashing Needs

From front of house to back of house, the Red Line glasswashers, frontloading and hood type dishwashers are the perfect solution for coffee shops, bars, bistros, quick service restaurants and start-ups.

Why the Red Line?

The electromechanical controls ease your operations.
It combines efficiency, excellent hygiene and operational reliability.
It’s designed to facilitate quick turnarounds and replacements.
The QR code on the front panel give you immediate access to the specific complete technical documentation.
It’s available also with temperature indicators for HACCP compliance.

Lavabicchieri RB 33 con pannello comandi elettromeccanico.


Bars, cafès and bistros require quick, reliable and easy to operate washing systems. Our Red Line RB glasswasher is a natural fit.

Undercounter dishwasher

With its durable, hardworking design the Red Line RF45 undercounter dishwasher is the preferred choice for restaurants, schools and nursing homes.

Hood Type Dishwasher

Our Red Line RC07 hood type washer is the ideal solution for restaurants, bistros, schools and boutique hotels where high output is vital.